Programs & Workshops

Grover E. Cleveland, author of Swimming Lessons for Baby Sharks: The Essential Guide to Thriving as a New Lawyer, provides informative and engaging seminars and presentations to help law students and recent graduates become better lawyers faster.

The goal is simple: To give new lawyers the skills they need to provide more value.

Swimming Lessons for Baby Sharks® presentations provide useful, practical advice to give law students and new lawyers an important head start. The programs provide practical tips that participants can use right away as well as key habits for long-term success.

An entertaining and dynamic speaker, Grover is a former partner at Foster Pepper PLLC, one of the Northwest’s largest law firms. Grover is a sought-after speaker on career success for law students and new lawyers. He is a frequent presenter at major law firms nationwide and law schools of all sizes, including Harvard. Grover also speaks at numerous national law career conferences, including, NALP and PDC, Ms. JD, and American Bar Association conferences.

Swimming Lessons for Baby Sharks® presentations are tailored to meet specific needs. But every presentation focuses on helping new lawyers provide value. Interaction and real-life lessons make learning efficient and effective. Topics may include:

  • building relationships with senior lawyers and clients
  • law firm economics
  • supporting firm business goals
  • providing value to clients
  • communicating effectively
  • working efficiently
  • managing time
  • providing excellent client service
  • networking strategically
  • handling mistakes
  • avoiding common pitfalls as a new lawyer

The presentations encourage attendee participation and allow time for specific questions.

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